Peace Quotes - 3
Be kind to others—not because they deserve kindness—but because you deserve inner peace.
A great way to find peace for ourselves is to create peace for others.
We should know that we are brothers and sisters of the universe.
If we want peace in the world, we should learn to love each other.
We should teach our children not to see differences or feel hate, but we must teach them to find harmony, coherence, and love.
A recipe for a peaceful life is to have good friends, to have positive thoughts, and to have much love in life.
True peace can only be achieved by creating inner peace through understanding, love, and forgiveness.
To grow the flowers of peace and beauty that will make this world peaceful, you must cultivate unconditional love in your inner garden.
Violence can never create peace.
To find your peace, help others to live in peace.
When you are at peace, then the world becomes a peaceful place.
If you cannot find inner calmness and peace, then no one can do it for you.
When we learn to live in harmony with nature, we will learn to live in peace with each other.
Peace is present in every breath we take.
Peace and happiness is more precious than land or gold.
Peace is present in every loving gesture we make.
It is easy to conform, but it takes great courage to stand up for peace.
Peace is an inner perception and an inner consciousness.
O my brothers and sisters of the world!
Peace is a blooming flower, and peace is her calmness.
Plant the seeds of love and peace in every mind so that we may create a heavenly garden on this earth.
To promote peace, promote understanding.
More often than not, you are at war with yourself. No one can really give you peace.
To promote understanding, promote love.
To find peace, you must create an inner calmness, tranquility, and practice self-love.
Life is a journey, so go on your way. Be a messenger of peace.
The secret to happiness, peace, and self-confidence is to forgive yourself and forgive others.
Peace is a long journey within; with enduring calmness, tranquility, and kindness you will win.
Forgive yourself. Be calm and kind so that nothing will disturb your inner peace of mind.
If your mind is not at peace, you cannot find it anywhere else in the world. To be at peace, look inside of yourself.
The ultimate purpose of life is peace and happiness.
Forgive your past to make peace with your present.
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