Peace Quotes  - 1
Every morning the sun rises to wake you up with a beautiful message of peace.
Be the light of peace to drive away the darkness of hatred.
You are at peace when you have calmness in your heart, despite the chaos, misery, and hardships of this world.
Until we learn to love each other, understand each other, and be compassionate with each other, peace will be an illusion.
Peace is truth, trust, and harmony.Peace is joy, love, and great care.
Peace begins with nonjudgmental love.
When we learn to be nonjudgmental with ourselves and with others in this world, we will enjoy peace forever.
Peace does not mean an absence of violence or conflict.
Peace is about responding to violence and conflict with love and understanding.
Hate can never eradicate hate; only understanding with forgiveness can do that.
You find peace not by looking, but by giving.
Every human being desires peace and happiness, but only a few strive to attain them.
Peace is a journey, a habit, a purpose; it is not merely a destination we want to reach.
Peace is not only the goal; it is the game itself.
If life is a joyful, serious journey, then peace should be the train, and happiness should be the destination.
It is not very difficult to build world peace. We just have to be kind to each other and treat each other with compassion.
If you have a drop of violence or anger in your mind, it can ignite a wildfire of violence. Be kind
A simple thought of peace or act of unconditional love can create mighty streams of peace.
Peace is not a condition, but it is a perception. In the midst of chaos, you can be at peace in your heart.
Peace is a process of self-realization; a realization that peace resides inside of us in our inner calmness and tranquility.
Peace is a dreamland. Peace is in my imagination.Peace is in my heart. Peace is in my mind, forming a singing band.Peace is my best friend, always holding my hand.Peace is the only purpose I am fighting for with the power of my love.
Peace means the journey to finding the inner calmness, tranquility, and joy in the midst of conflicts and injustices.
Peace cannot be seen with the eyes. Only the mind can see it, and the heart can feel it.
Open the window of your mind to let peace come in.
When we learn to use the power of kindness and love, we will fill the world with peace and happiness.
There is nothing better than love, kindness, and forgiveness to create enduring peace.
Peace is not an option. It is the only choice to live a beautiful life.
To find your peace, help others to live in peace. If you cannot find your inner calmness and peace, then no one can do it for you. When you are at peace, the world becomes a peaceful place.
When we learn to live in harmony with nature, we will learn to live in peace with each other.
Peace is present in every breath we take.Peace is present in every loving gesture we make.
Peace and happiness are more precious than land or gold.
It is easy to conform, but it takes great courage to stand up for peace.
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