Baby Quotes
A baby comes from heaven with a smile as the most precious present for parents and for the universe.
A baby’s eyes reflect the refreshing lights of love, which enlighten and melt our heart in a single moment.
Ah, baby! A smiling angel from heaven who came down to earth to steal our hearts.
Babies come by the power of love to create their own world in our hearts and in the universe.
A baby has taken a miraculous journey from heaven down to earth, to feel, see and enjoy the miracles of life.
With the warmth of a baby’s innocent smile, our heart is always ready to melt.
The bright smile of a baby is the most precious gift of our lives.
A baby is the most powerful person on earth, for they are born with the power of pure love and precious hope.
For grandparents, a baby represents them; their hopes and desires for the future.
A baby is as pure and clear as water, but parents, friends and society paint them with colors. How they grow up completely depends on the artists.
A baby's giggle is the most precious and beautiful song of the universe.
Babies are our smiling and dancing dreams.
You love life more than ever when a baby comes with the lights of love and you become a mother or father.
A baby’s smile is a dancing flower full of twinkling stars.
A baby’s eyes are deeper than the ocean and filled with love and joy.
Babies are the truest love and anchors for our lives.
Your little hands touched my heart, your blue eyes touched my soul, and your sweet smile stole all my love.
A baby is a miracle in our miraculous life.
When you hold a baby in your heart you often wonder how you ever lived without one.
Babies are wise, they buy the world with their pure love.
Babies are the most beautiful little miracles of life.
A baby might be the smallest human being, but they take up the most room in our heart.
A mother is an always-on-call angel for her beloved child.
A baby fills the emptiness in our heart with her presence and pure love.
A baby is the greatest thief, stealing our hearts with her dancing eyes, her light and beauty and her pure love.
Behind every mother hides an angel of love and care. 
Mother is a word we use for an angel with wings of love.
The most precious being on earth is a baby.
You’re my joy, my love, my life and my miracle. You’re my baby.
May every baby adorn our life with the power of hope and fill our hearts with the beauty of love.
Every baby is an angel with wings of love and the light of hope.
Babies are dancing stars with twinkles of love.
Babies talk to us in the language of love, which we can only understand if we listen with love.
A baby paints our life with the colors of love.A baby fills our life with enough happiness to share.
A baby has a magical and magnetic power, which attracts you and never lets you go.
You’re my heart, you’re my miracle, you’re my hope, you’re my true angel.
There is nothing more important than the needs of a little child.
By loving you, my baby, I have filled my heart with love.
There is nothing more magnetic and magical than a baby's love.
A baby is someone who gave you the greatest responsibility and job in the world, they made you a mother.
A baby is a miracle of life that fills our hearts with heavenly joy.
Of all the jewels I have loved in my lifetime, you are the most beautiful and most precious one.
A baby is a messenger of the future carrying letters from the past, written in the language of love, hope and genetic imprints.
Because of you I have found the definition, the anchor and the direction of my life.
A baby replaces your profile picture and needs with hers, and you find your happiness in her smile.
A baby overpowers parents by giving them so much responsibility, but so little rest.
I just wanted to let you know, baby, you’re my love, my joy, my happiness and the definition of life itself.
A baby is a gift from the universe that continues to fill the world with love, joy, laughter and precious happiness.
A baby’s smile is like a fresh blooming flower, always stealing our hearts.
Babies are the best dancers on the seashore of life.
Here is a brand-new boy with a dancing heart, smiling lips and a soul full of joy.
A baby’s cheerful smile is the best antidepressant for overworked, tired and depressed parents.
A baby makes our lives brighter with the light of their refreshing smiles.
Having fun with children may not make you rich or let you spend money on foolish things, but it fills your bank with memories to cherish forever.
Every child is a bright star of love in the garden of our beloved humanity.
The greatest happiness is found where baby smiles fill the air.
A daughter is the most precious gift of life who lets our hearts dance with joy.
The littlest hands can touch the deepest part of our beloved heart.
Ah, my little angel! My beautiful and precious princess.Ah, my little angel! My paragon of love and my light of hope for the future.
It’s the smile of a baby that gives us the power to overcome obstacles and makes us fall in love with life.
A baby’s smile is the best medicine for boredom and stress.
We are much more alive in the presence of a child’s smile.
You may not understand, but a mother can hear and understand the language of a baby with her heart.
A baby is a miracle and the greatest blessing of life.
Happiness is when you’re singing lullabies as you watch your baby fall asleep.
The best times of your life are not when you’re earning money, but when you’re trying hard to feed a baby.
A baby is a pure loving doll and that is her power.
The whole universe dances with joy when a baby smiles.
A child is someone who transforms you and helps you to grow.
Plant a tree today so that a child can enjoy it tomorrow.
Let us create an opportunity for every child to grow up with their own unique beauty in this wonderful garden of humanity.
A baby is an angel who carries messages of love from the past to impact the future.
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