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Poetry is a dance of emotions and imagination dressed in the styles of thoughts and words.

To be a poet is a style of life, not a profession or possession of life.

To be a poet you have to break all the boundaries that society has built around you so you can dig out the hidden obstacles and reveal it.

Poetry is a song of emotions with the music of imagination in a symphony orchestra of words on the stage of life.

A poet is a true dreamer who dreams when awake through his words and imagination.

Emotions are the poetry of feelings and language only to help us with known logical expression.

Every piece of writing is a reflection of my inner world, which you can see better than me.

Everyone becomes a poet when he or she suddenly falls into the ocean of love.

Poetry may not fill your life with money and possessions, but without poetry where will life find its magnificence and beauty?

To a true writer nothing is more important than writing.

There are three rules in writing: read more, feel more, and then write more.