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Pay attention to blooming flowers, not only to their beauty but also to their songs of desire. You will be able to hear and understand your deep unsung songs.

The more beauty you see in the world, the more beautiful you become.

The lovely moon may not be able to breathe, but it takes our breath away with her incredible beauty and soft silvery love.

We may look at the same moon, but our hearts sing different songs depending on our inner emotions and perceptions.

When the lovely moon is in my heart, she invites me to fly with the wings of soft silvery lights in her sky.

To feel the greatness of the sky, you have to leave behind the comfort of your home and fly.

Be the sunshine in someone’s cloudy sky.

Paint a picture of the sunset that no one will ever forget.

The purpose of life is to bloom, let it be even in adversity.

Let your dreams be as big as the universe.

Swim with the clouds to find me.

Dance as if you are drunk on the beauty of life.

Beautiful thoughts create a beautiful life.

We are pixels of dancing light inside.

Life is a dream of consciousness swimming in clouds of thoughts.

As you breathe in feel the joy of living, as you breathe out feel the joy of sharing.

I can feel the moon’s love for the earth in my soul when it’s magical silent silvery light touches my heart.

Our commonality gives us power to create a harmonious garden; our uniqueness gives us a power to decorate each garden a little differently.

The beautiful moon is an antidepressant. Love for her light is in every heart because she is so friendly, loving and forgiving.

When we are looking at the moon, we see the purest reflection of our own beauty and magic, which is why we love the moon so much.

Moon is one of the most beautiful words written in every heart with the light of silvery love.

Trees are always there as a friend to talk to and help you.

Be like the moon in someone’s sky and show her the way of life with your loving silvery lights during the darkness.

A rainbow is a rare flower of love from the rain and sun as a gift of hope for enduring the storm.

Every human being needs love to reflect her beauty, as every flower needs sunshine to bloom.

I don’t think I will ever meet a human being as kind and forgiving as a tree.

You are so beautiful that stars are looking at you with twinkling eyes to steal some of your glitter and adorn themselves.

Her smile is so beautiful, it is like a loaded gun.

Her smile is like a blooming red rose, it was enough to attract all the bumblebees.

Smile like the moon to make life beautiful, because in your beautiful smile life finds meaning.

When you look at a beautiful flower, see not only the beauty of the flower but also the reflection of the beauty of your life.

Open all your windows, open your heart and mind, open all your senses; now listen to the songs of the ocean, the whispering of the leaves, the chirping of the seagulls and feel the touch of the ocean breeze. Feel the joy of life.

I find beauty in everything, not because everything is beautiful, but because I consciously focus on beauty.

To enjoy the magnificence of life and its beauty, look at it with child-like simplicity.

I am like the blue sky; the thunder of love is hidden in my heart.

Be like a flower and appreciate your own magical beauty with your own burning love.

Don’t act like a bee. Be slow like a flower to reveal your inner beauty.

Be silent to hear the bird who resides inside you and sings the unknown songs of love relentlessly. Be silent so you can hear and understand her.

Nothing is beautiful, amazing, wonderful or dreadful, it is just in your perception.

When you focus on pain, you suffer; when you focus on beauty, you find the beauty and forget the pain.

Remember when the world gets dark the stars appear, so never fear or give up hope.

You are the sun in human form, warmth and light is the reflection of your love. So, don’t feel shy, shine like the sun in your sky.

The beauty of a flower is not in her heart, it is a reflection of your purest love.

You are made for each other, now and forever. You look stunning together.

She was sitting on the seashore. Her eyes were closed, but awake and dreaming. In her dream, she wanted to wash the universe with the waves of her love and fill the world with peace and happiness.

There are so many wonderful reasons to smile. Smile because you’re alive and enjoying this beautiful world.

Luxuriating in the morning sunlight while walking on the wonderful ocean beach of life. What could be more precious?

You are a river and a spring flower. The fragrance of life is your ecstasy.

Slow down! Enjoy the beauty and magnificence of life. Let your life bloom slowly.

Each morning is a new beginning of life, along with the lights of love. Enjoy these precious moments.

Keep smiling. One day spring will come, flowers will bloom and birds will sing.

A smile spreads spring weather over our hearts and flowers bloom with joy.

Every morning the sun rises with rays of beauty and warmth to enlighten our hearts and minds with lights of love and joy.

At sunrise, the blue sky paints herself with gold colors and joyfully dances to the music of a morning breeze.

If you have ever enjoyed the beauty of a sunrise, then you would never complain that life has no beauty.

Every sunrise enlightens our heart with rays of hope. Every sunset soothes our mind with tranquility and peace.

Every morning I wake up early to enjoy the lights of hope, beauty of love and warmth of kindness.

Every morning we have a choice to open our eyes and see the beauty of love and hope or close our eyes and complain about the darkness. The beauty of a sunset lets you see life better, lets you wander and get lost in yourself and lets you dream and live stronger.

Life becomes wonderful when you learn to see the beauty in everyone and everything.

Slow down. Don’t rush. Let flowers bloom slowly.

To see the pure beauty, close your eyes and look through your heart.

Women represent mother nature. She creates and tolerates everything.

Darkness doesn’t come to extinguish lights from the world, but to bring dreams of light and beauty.

You are magical because you’re conscious and can see, feel and enjoy the beauty all around you.

Stars are not afraid of the darkness. Look what happens to them, they glow with joy.

Trees show the power of the earth. It can grow magnificent trees out of nothing.

We see beauty when we look at things with eyes of love.

Expand your roots wider and deeper so your trunk can grow stronger and live longer.

When there is morning sunshine in your heart everyone will be able to feel your warmth.

Happiness dances on every flower like a joyful butterfly. We can find it and reveal it if we dance with joy in every moment.

Smile because that is your flower and your best gift of love for the universe.

A smile is simply a flower of joy.

One morning I asked the sun “why do you burn so much?” She replied “I burn to purify myself and give love in the way of warmth.”

Whenever you can, save nature. Remember, she is our common mother.

Don’t try to move a mountain because you will be disappointed. Don’t forget to move a little piece each day. Soon you will find an open field filled with splendor.

Despite the frozen fields, let you heart sing the songs of spring.

Every flower has a song for those who have listening hearts and appreciative eyes.

Laughter is the dancing flower of a tree we call a human.