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“I have discovered that some people are wealthier than others not because of their superior intelligence but because of their abundant mindset.”

“To reach your destination, follow the directions of your heart. It knows the way.”

“When we truly care, we mix love, compassion, and kindness together in our hearts.”

“Before believing something, check the facts. False beliefs can infect and affect the mind.”

“Kindness rarely costs anything, but its worth is immeasurable.”

“Opportunity will not only knock on the door when you are ready, it will stand just next to the door to open it.”

“A society becomes a breeding ground of violence and terrorism when it closes its door to new ideas and forces the citizens to live in the prison of conforming thoughts.”

“To see yourself and others in the darkness, be the light of courage and enlighten them.”

“Train your mind to see the opportunity in every adversity.”

“Don’t find work, find an interest and do it with love. If you can earn a living doing something interesting, then you will never have to work.”

“For an optimist, life is full of opportunity. For a pessimist, life is full of adversity. Life is what you think of it.”

“Don’t fear uniqueness. Fear similarities and acceptance. Create a new trend by defining yourself.”

“Unconditionally love people for what they are not what they should be.”

“A courageous and determined person finds opportunity in every adversity.”

“Stress does not come from problems. It originates from fear which comes from the anticipation of problems.”

“Confidence comes from thoughtful action, reflection, and experience. Confidence does not come from reaction.”

“Have faith in your own instinct and your own truth.”

“You will not be able to find outer calmness if your heart is carrying a storm.”

“The only impossible task is the one which we fear to begin.”

“Never forget to value yourself; never seek validation outside of yourself.”

“Wash your life with forgiveness and fill it with kindness.”

“To enjoy the beauty of the world, don’t try to fit in. Try to fly out of your perceived boundaries.”

“Why is there such madness in our world? Why can’t we stop it? Why do we hate others? Tolerance, harmony, compassion, and kindness are the beauty of life.”

“You may slowdown, but time will not wait for you.”

“Spoken words have power beyond measure.”

“True dreams are those which keep you awake at night and drive you nuts during the day.”

“If your thirst for knowledge is strong enough, you will find the waters to satisfy it.”

“For a short time, your beauty is an important matter. It the long run, what is important is what you are.”

“We can kill all of the terrorist, but that will not solve the problem of terrorism. By reducing or eliminating fundamentalism we may be able to reduce terrorism. Open your eyes and look at the world. Fundamentalism is a prison for the human mind where no free thinking can be done. In that prison, the mind will stagnate and degenerate. The mind works in a very different way. It wants to get out. When that imprisoned mind can’t get out, it becomes more fundamentalist and it wants to take revenge. Terrorism is the weapon of fundamentalism.” 

“You came to this world with nothing, and you will leave this world with nothing. There is nothing to gain or lose. You can only touch everyone and everything with your love.” 

“If you are opportunity oriented, you will find opportunities all around you. If you are problem oriented, you will see problems all around you.”

“A true education opens the mind and lets us see the world with wonder and joy. It teaches us to accept change with love, and it teaches us to be harmonious with humanity and nature. If any education teaches us to close our minds, to accept dogma, and to violently inhibit questioning then that is not an education. That is a prison for the mind.” 

“You can never destroy the barbarian culture of hatred, violence, and death by killing barbarians. You have to destroy the philosophy that makes them barbarian.” 

“Deep down in my heart, I know that I know nothing.”

“Be an echo of peace not an echo of bullets.”

“The world will see true peace when there are no boundaries of religion and the religion of all will be pure unconditional love.”

“To find true peace, forgive those who fill your mind with hatred and instead show them the path of love.”

“Why do we teach our children to hate others when there are so many options to love? Why do we teach hate when kindness, compassion, tolerance, and harmony add such beauty to life?” 

“Great habits improve performance and brings great success.” 

“Life is an opportunity to find a friend and to be a friend.”

“Life is a flower in the garden of humanity. It blooms for a short time and then slowly it disappears and becomes a memory on the canvas of infinite time.”

“Let pure love be your guide and never let your heart burn.”

“Life is exciting because of uncertainty. Certainty make it very dull and boring.”

“Accept obstacles as a strength building exercise on the way to success.”

“A friend is he who can feel your heart's beating and dance with it when it is joyful, cry with it when it is torn, and inspire when it is in need.” 

“If a teacher teaches you what to think, but not how to think, it is not a true education.” 

“If you know the answer then you have knowledge, but if you know why the answer is right, how to find the answer, and what is the implications of the answer, then you are educated.”

“A good attitude is the best attire.”

“Nothing but your choices define your true intelligence.”

“Anger is a fire of resentment which will burn the bearer and not the receiver.”

“Don’t criticize or curse at darkness; be wise and never forget to light a candle.”

“Life is an unknown game, and every day you play on a new field.”

“Ninety percent of success come from the choices you make; the other ten percent comes from persistence.”

“Knowledge gives shows us a direction; education gives us power to walk.”

“Let your actions be the answer to criticism.”

“Life is easier when you don't carry baggage from the past.”

“Be curious! Curiosity is the mother of all knowledge.”

“The mind is the most fertile land. What you plant, it will grow.”

“Be soft enough not to break; be kind enough to not get angry.”

“The most mysterious attractive power is the power of your kindness.”

“An optimist sees rainbows when there is rain.”

“Life is too big for small dreams.”

“To increase the value of your day, add some love and gratitude to your coffee and some kindness to your dinner.”

“Never compromise your perceptions and truth to validate the perceptions of others.”

“When you can see and reveal the amazing beauty of others, you will be the kind of person that attracts others.”

“When you meet someone, never forget to give them two important presents: your love and your smile. It will cost you nothing.”

“Like the morning sun, add sparkle, beauty, and warmth to the lives of others.”

“The power of habits is the stepping stone on the stairs of life.”

“Sometimes you fail; sometimes you fly.”

“The moon teaches us that darkness can’t hide the beauty of life if we know how to reflect beauty.” 

“The more I learn, the more doors of information and opportunity are open to me.”