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“Your voice is the sweetest music and the sound of your smile is the ecstasy of my life.”

“You cannot find love or demand love. You can only give it away and keep your window open so that love can come in.”

“Tie me with love, clip all of my feathers, and take me anywhere.”

“When we truly care, we mix love, compassion, and kindness together in our hearts.”

“Nothing else can explain love except love.”

“Leave a legacy of love and kindness for this lovely world.”

“I love it when you're thinking of me. I can feel it in my heart.”

“Love is the ultimate power. Never forget to use it to win over your enemies.”

“How much you love yourself will define how much you can love others.”

“Don’t find work, find an interest and do it with love. If you can earn a living doing something interesting, then you will never have to work.”

“Unconditionally love people for what they are not what they should be.”

“Love imprints a memory on the heart that no one can erase.”

“To win, don’t compete. To love, don’t complain. To be kind, don’t judge.”

“Let pure love be your guide and never let your heart burn.”

“If a teacher teaches you what to think, but not how to think, it is not a true education.”

“The most mysterious attractive power is the power of your kindness.”

“The most mysterious attractive power is the power of your kindness.”

“An optimist sees rainbows when there is rain.”

“To increase the value of your day, add some love and gratitude to your coffee and some kindness to your dinner.”

“Today and every day:
I offer the universe my love
I offer the universe my peace
I offer the universe my beauty of hope
I offer the universe my deepest gratitude
for her hospitality and generosity”

Look at a flower. She loves everyone. She doesn’t care who you are or where you’re from. Why should we? Let us love everyone.

Every moment of life is precious and every moment of love is bliss.

Life is a melody of love to sing the songs of consciousness.

You are born to unfold the petals of love and spread the fragrance and beauty of life with your smile.

Every morning, I am thinking of you, about your life and its ups and downs. I wonder what I can do, say or write to help you live a better life. I may not know you, but I never forget to love you.

In the depth of your heart you are always getting younger because there you carry a beautiful soul and priceless love.

Love is an irresistible inner longing to belong.

In the end, our lives are valued not on how much money we had, but by how much love we gave away.

A loving heart is the best cushion to catch our fall.

Just be in love. Life is such a magnificent art, so shield it with love.

The more you love, the less you have to complain about. The more you love, the more love you will have to give.

It is time to say goodbye, not from hearts but beyond the eyes.

It is so wonderful to wake up in the morning and see the sparkling lights on a dew drop reflecting the magnificence of love.

Walk towards the garden of life with love. One day you will find flowers of joy are blooming with the fragrance of happiness.

You don’t need someone to love you, you need someone whom you can love because you’re such a loving person.

She wasn’t dreaming anymore, she was dancing with joy because she found her love.

Begin your day with a big bright smile, the sun is smiling for you with the warmth of love.

I found paradise, not in heaven, but deep in my heart.

To understand the world, see the world through the eyes of love.

If you want love, you have to fall into it. If you want happiness, you have to give it away.

Yesterday I was wondering what to know and where to go. Today I find out I have to know myself and go where my heart belongs.

Love is nothing but the poetry of emotion on the canvas of imagination.