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The highest paid profession in the world is being a mother. You get paid, not by money, but by precious moments and memories of love.

For every child, their mother is their world and her love is the most precious gift.

A child knows only one god and only one world, she is their mother.

Only a mother can understand the secret language of her child’s heart.

Mother is the most lovely and precious word in any language.

A mother always forgets the pain but remembers the precious moments.

A mother becomes the greatest cook and greatest philosopher when the child becomes an adult.

When we are in trouble, the first person we remember is our precious mother.

Problems in life can change our condition, but can never change a mother’s love for her child.

Mother is the name we give to an angel who is always protecting us with her wings of love.

A woman is loving, kind and compassionate, but strong like water when needed.

Every man needs a woman’s support for a truly successful and fulfilling life.

Every woman is beautiful when she becomes aware of her inner beauty and magnificent strength.

It is not that a diamond is beautiful by itself, but when a woman accepts it with love and looks at it with her wondrous and glittering eyes that it becomes beautiful.

A woman is a mysterious poem of magical emotions.

Every woman is a ray of love and a symbol of beauty, kindness, compassion and life.

We are born from a fresh flower and she is our loving mother.

Mother is the womb of humanity where every baby grows with love, kindness and sincerity.

There is nothing more beautiful or cherished than a mother’s love. Wishing you and all moms a happy Mother’s Day.

Sooner or later we will realize that with love, fondness and gratitude that our mother was the first and best teacher in our life.

My mother was an angel to me. She was fresh and kind like a blooming flower. Open and accepting like the sky. Humble and wise like the water. She was my best teacher and I love her from the depth of my heart.

My heart dances with joy and sings with love whenever I remember my mother.

A mother’s love gives us the best inspiration and energy to grow up as a human being in this garden of humanity.

When a baby is born a flower begins to bloom in her continuously, this flower is the love of her mother.

A daughter always lives in her daddy’s heart no matter how old or where she is.

A daughter is a treasure of love and a caretaker in her parent’s time of need.

A daughter is drama, anxiety, joy and laughter. Without her, the house is empty and life is boring.

You’re my beginning, my story, my poetry and my inspiration. You instilled life’s purpose and mission in my heart. You’re my beloved mother.

A mother holds her children’s hearts in her heart, so when her children suffer she feels the pain.

Without a mother how can you create a doctor? So never forget to take good care of a mother.

Mother is not a word, it is the most beloved song of every life and touches the sweetest strings of our hearts.

In a mother’s sky her child is the brightest shining star.

You may live with your mother for only a short time, but you reside in her heart forever.

You may leave your mother’s lap when you grow up, but you never leave her heart.

Mother, it is because of you that I am here, it is because of you that I found out what life is and because of your love I learned how to love.

A baby creates a wonderful and blissful place in our hearts and fills it with smiles and laughter, which we never knew existed before.

No one on earth is as dear to a father as his sweet little daughter.

My little daughter has grown up and become my true friend, best advisor and my life’s passion.

A daughter becomes a clearer reflection of her mother with time.