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Sweet Rhymes for Sweet Hearts

This book is exclusively for the little princes and princesses in your life.

Verses of Happiness:

The only book you need to be happy

In this book, Verses of Happiness, you will begin the journey of finding the meaning of happiness. You will find ways to add happiness to your life and the lives of those around you. The quotes and artwork in this book are provided to inspire you to think about what happiness means to you and to provide the nourishment to grow happiness in your life.

Verses of Peace

A must readable book for everyone. This book is featured with some best selected quotes of Debasish Mridha, MD, a well known neurologist, philosopher and quotes writer. Over 100+ websites are representing his quotes everyday. While reading this book, you will find yourself on each of the line of the quotes. Specially, if you are bored and going through some hard time.

This book will inspire you to get back to your normal life and a life you have always dreamed for.