How did he start?

March 19, 2019

by Noor Chisti

Debasish Mridha, MD is not only a popular doctor but also a fantastic philosopher and author. He spends his leisure time writing new quotes and thinking about his next book. He is so very enthusiastic in writing that sometimes he finishes writing a book within two days. When I work with him in his office, I always see him thinking about new topics, new themes for future books, writing brand new quote. He busies himself with these things whenever he manages time between seeing patients every day. 


He started writing quotes during college. He states, "People used to tell me that I think a lot. Actually, we all think a lot, but we don't introduce our own thinking to others most of the time. People have different points of view in different things. I wanted to explain my thinking to all. Writing quotes allowed me to share my way of thinking to people and give them room for thinking in a whole new way. When I started getting positive vibes from people regarding my thoughts and perspective, I was getting more and more excited every day.”


Doctor has written approximately 12,000 quotes on various topics. He wrote most of these quotes during his school years, but continues to write several quotes almost daily. Even though he is extremely busy practicing medicine. I have personally seen him push through his day without even a hint of tiredness. He is always busy with something on his computer.


Most of the quotes he has written are inspirational and related to life, love, relationships, etc. He has also written a number of quotes about babies and yoga, which are very popular around the world. These quotes are widely used by thousands of people and websites each day. He states, "Even though I am always naturally happy, this makes me extremely happy when I see people using my quotes for their own newborn babies. I feel like I am rejoicing with them and sharing in their happiness. Someday, this baby will be all grown up and see his baby post with my quote and smile a bit. This makes me happy. This fulfills my life. I have managed to create a place for myself in people's hearts."