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Dr. Debasish Mridha is not only a physician, he is also a writer, a philosopher, and a philanthropist. Along with his busy neurology practice, Dr. Mridha is active in many medical, educational, and philanthropic endeavors. He is also one of the most prolific writers of inspirational and philosophical quotes. Dr. Mridha’s thoughts get quoted hundreds of times every day and are often listed with the great philosophers of this world

Dr. Mridha have delighted many hearts with his insightful quotes. Numerous time he has been ranked as one of the best  for his quotes and writings. One of his quote is Ranked #1 among the bests, for the beautiful insights it holds and the preaching about education, love and gratitude for humanity.


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Debasish Mridha was born in Bangladesh, but at the age of four he had to leave the country as a refugee. He lived in a refugee camp in India for four years during Bangladesh’s war for independence. When he was eight years old, he was able to return to his home country. At the age of 18, he finished high school in Barisal, Bangladesh and moved to the former Soviet Union to study medicine at the Kiev Medical Institute. After finishing medical school, he came to the United States to complete his residency and fellowship at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan.

After finishing his fellowship, he came to Saginaw in 1999 where he established his neurology practice. Dr. Mridha treats his patients with compassion and respect. He treats patients for Parkinson’s Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, migraines, and many more neurological disorders.

To stimulate volunteering within the Saginaw community, Dr. Mridha created the Health Angel Award which is given by the Saginaw County Medical Society in recognition of community service in the area. This yearly award recognizes an individual or a group that has had a positive effect on the community. The purpose of this award is to encourage volunteerism and the long lasting effect that volunteerism has on the community.

Dr. Mridha believes that education is the best way to solve social problems and social suffering. For that reason, he created educational scholarships here in America and in Bangladesh. He also created the Best Teacher Award which is given by the Saginaw County Community Foundation. This award recognizes a Saginaw County educator that excels at encouraging students to achieve very high standards.

Dr. Mridha serves on the Board of Directors for the Michigan State Medical Society which represents about 16,000 physicians in Michigan. Dr. Mridha also serves on the AMA Foundation Board and is the first Bengali physician to serve on this board. Along with the AMA Foundation, Dr. Mridha established the Debasish Mridha Spirit of Medicine Award that encourages American physicians to go to third world countries to serve human beings who are suffering the most and have the least amount of medical care available.

In Bangladesh, Dr. Mridha participates in philanthropic activities through the Mridha Foundation. This foundation exists to improve education and the quality and dignity of human life. When the Shavar building in Dhaka collapsed, Dr. Mridha acted quickly by arranging for oxygen, medicine, and food for those that needed it most.

To help the poorest people who have no medical care or service, Dr. Mridha created the Mridha International Award for Service to Humanity. The award encourages volunteerism and service worldwide. Whenever Dr. Mridha has the opportunity, he volunteers his own services. Recently he visited Bangladesh and saw as many as 200 patients per day during his stay. He is dedicated to identifying the needs of people and providing solutions. He has also helped to build schools in Shaheed Minars in Bangladesh.

To bring economic vitality to the Saginaw, Michigan area, Dr. Mridha has invested in many local businesses such as the Montague Inn. He was also the initial investor for 1st State Bank and many other businesses. During the Christmas holiday, Dr. Mridha adopts needy families in the Saginaw area to help ease the burden of life and to bring joy into the lives of others.

Dr. Mridha volunteers on the board of Directors for the Saginaw Valley State University Foundation. To improve leadership among young professionals, he created the “Leadership Scholarship Award’ which is awarded to a deserving college student each year through the SVSU Foundation.

Above all, Dr. Debasish Mridha is an American physician, philosopher, poet, and author. His words and actions have been changing the lives of others. He is a man of vision that lives with a great passion for service. He serves wherever he can and whenever he finds an opportunity. Dr. Mridha’s personal philosophy is, “Service is joy; service is happiness.”

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